Access to Information

The Nuclear Industries of Brazil (INB), as a public company, fulfills the duty to a transparent and ethical performance, providing data on its administration for society's queries.

The constitutional right of access to public information is regulated by Law No. 12.527/2011 in force since May 16, 2012, which created mechanisms that enable anyone, without the need for reason, to request and receive public information on agencies and entities.

The standard also establishes the proactive disclosure of information of collective or general interest, spontaneously and regardless of requests. Such disclosure should be made on the agencies and entities' websites on the Internet, in particular in a section called “Acesso à Informação” ("Access to Information".)

The law applies to the three powers of the Union, states, Federal District and municipalities, in addition to the Audit Courts and the Public Prosecutor's Office. Private non-profit organizations are also required to disclose information on the receipt and allocation of public resources.

In the Federal Government, the Access to Information Act was regulated by Decree No. 7.724/2012.

Authority responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Access to Information Act under the INB (authority referred to in Article 40 of Law 12.527/2011):
Maria Helena Beltrão Whatley Dias, Siape registration 1574062, INB registration 2351, journalist, Head of the Institutional and Corporate Communication Department.