INB São Paulo 

The unit is installed in an area of 60 thousand m², at Interlagos, and is dedicated to the care of low radioactive materials, coming from the deactivation of the old plant Santo Amaro, private company that worked in Brooklyn neighborhood, producing compounds of rare earths from monazite sand.

Closed in 1992, the plant area was decontaminated and released for unrestricted use six years later. It was left then to INB the custody of 1.757 tonnes of materials, among which are Torta II, equipments, parts and tools of the old factory.

All material is stored properly in plastic canisters, metal boxes, metal drums and marine containers, and do not present any risk of explosion or contamination in industrial warehouses. Every unit is permanently monitored.

The company works on soil decontamination in areas outside of the unit: 24 000 m² are ready to be delivered to the Government of São Paulo.

Also in the state of São Paulo, INB has the Botuxim deposit, located in the city of Itu. In an area of 300 thousand square meters, the São Bento site holds 3,500 tonnes of Torta II stored in seven silos. The material comes from the Santo Amaro plant (USAM), which was shut down in the early 90’s. The INB constantly monitors the area which is isolated with a fence screen and duly signalized. The safety of the installation is in accordance with the rules of CNEN.

Rua Miguel Yunes, 115 - Jurubatuba – Santo Amaro
04444-000 São Paulo – SP – Brazil