INB Santa Quitéria - Santa Quitéria Consortium

The Santa Quitéria Consortium is a partnership of INB with Galvani - producer of phosphate fertilizers - for setting up a joint mining project. The goal of such partnership is to exploit the uranium phosphate deposit located in Itatiaia, Santa Quitéria (Ceará). Phosphate is prevalent, since Uranium reserves amount to 80 thousand tonnes and phosphate reserves, 8.9 million tonnes. It is estimated that 240,000 tonnes of phosphate and 1,600 tonnes of uranium concentrate are produced by the Consortium Santa Quiteria per year.

Increased crop and livestock production in North and Northeast Brazil has led to an increasing volume of demand for fertilizers and feed for livestock. With the exploitation of the deposit, the Consortium will be able to supply the two regions, which today are served by foreign companies, it being expected, as a consequence, that lower production costs and increased development rates will result for the agricultural sector.

The operation of the Santa Quiteria Consortium will increase fourfold the production of uranium concentrate used by INB in the production of nuclear fuel, and increase by 10% the Brazilian production of phosphate fertilizers. The mine is expected to create approximately 800 direct jobs and contribute to the development of the region.

In 2014, IBAMA promoted three public hearings to discuss with the local population the Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Impact Report of the project. More than 1,400 people attended the meetings.

Learn more at the site of the Santa Quitéria Consortium.

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