Almost 100% of active INB’s employees vaccinated against Covid-19

A survey carried out by the Coordination of Development of Personnel of the Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - INB, until mid-October, showed that 97% of INB employees have already received the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19. The second dose is already a reality for 67% of the workforce both at the Headquarters and in the decentralized units.

“We are doing this analysis to ensure the health of the workers so that, in case of transmission, the symptoms of the disease are mild and the effects are transient. We want to ensure that everyone has the full vaccination cycle as soon as possible”, said Rodrigo Brasil, administrator, who works in the management of INB's health insurance.

The company requested the presentation of the receipt of the vaccination to the local occupational health area within a maximum of three days after taking it. The determination applies to organic employees, contractors and interns. Remain still the preventive measures previously defined, such as asepsis of hands and shoes, the use of masks and the use of alcohol gel, among others.