“Chat with the Neighborhood” Program

In order to get closer and closer to the people living in the vicinity of INB Caetité; to hear what the communities think, to clarify issues concerning the company's activities and to help consolidate the relationship with neighboring residents, the company develops the Conversa com a Vizinhança (Chat with the Neighborhood) program.

Those informal meetings, which take place in the families' homes or at the residents' associations, are opportunities to exchange ideas, which help the company get closer to its nearest neighbors. Therefore, the program establishes a direct channel of communication with the populations in the regions where the company operates.

As the area surrounding INB’s Caetité unit is essentially a rural area the Conversa com a Vizinhança program greatly enhances the company’s ability to communicate and interact with with this public that is very appreciative of personal contact, without the intermediation of the media.

The information collected at these meetings help the company align its social responsibility actions, seeking to support and develop projects that meet the real needs of local residents.


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