Executives from the nuclear area of China visit INB in Caetité

Between July 18 and 21, INB - Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil hosted the general manager of the Departamente of Internacional Cooperation and Developmente of CNNC - China National Nuclear Corporation, Dr. Wang Jinping, the Mining Engineer, Li Huaiyuan,  and the representative of Commercial Area, Wang Dong.

The delegation visited INB's Uranium Concentration Unit in Caetité / BA, where it was received by the Director of Mineral Resources, Laércio Aguiar da Rocha, and other representatives of the mineral production area.

Besides knowing the mineral processes adopted by the INB for the uranium concentrate production, the Chinese met the Mina Cachoeira and the future “Engenho” Mine. They also had the opportunity to know more about INB's activities during the lectures "Anomalies 35 and 36", "Cristalino River", "Underground Mine", "Chemical Plant" and the visit to INB Technological and Cultural Space center.

At the end of last year an INB delegation visited the CNNC facilities in China. This group operates 11 reactors in China and prospects business opportunities in the Brazilian market.