Executives from Westinghouse and INB meet at the headquarters of the Brazilian company

Westinghouse Americas Region President David Howell and Vice President for Latin America Carlos Leipner met at the headquarters of Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - INB, in Rio de Janeiro, last Tuesday, to step up the partnership between the two companies.

On his first trip to Brazil, David Howell stated that one of the reasons to be here is to work to establish and strengthen Westinghouse's relationships outside the United States. "We are excited about the future and very interested in the continued growth of our partnership with INB," said Howell.

The president of INB, Reinaldo Gonzaga, spoke about the work being done by the company to reach the goal outlined in its strategic planning, to become self-sufficient by 2026. "For this, we are developing several actions. And one of them is to strengthen our partnership with companies like Westinghouse”, he said.

During the meeting, new business opportunities were discussed, and further meetings were agreed upon to continue the work. Also attending were nuclear engineer Alice Cunha da Silva from Westinghouse and INB Superintendent of Fuel Engineering, Márcio Adriano da Silva, Superintendent of Planning and Commercialization, José Carlos Castro, engineer José Carlos Tupinambá, and, by videoconference, the director of Nuclear Fuel Production, Marcelo Xavier.

"The meeting was very productive. Westinghouse is our longtime partner, but we hope that this meeting here in Brazil will be a landmark of new business and fresh opportunities for INB”, said Reinaldo.