INB Caetité

The Social Responsibility Program developed by the company in the areas of influence of the Uranium Concentrate Plant - INB Caetité - also envisages water access measures, since the region is part of the Polígono das Secas (Drought Polygon). These actions include, without limitation, the construction of a water pipeline in Maniaçú, the most populous district in Caetité, to be performed in partnership with the City Hall, and a water treatment station in the district of Juazeiro.

Another infrastructure action continuously carried out in this region is the conservation of side roads in villages near the unit. Between 2003 and 2013 BRL3.5 million were invested in these works.

In the education area, INB develops the Saber Mais (Learn More) Project in partnership with the Senai (National Service for Industrial Training), which aims to train youngsters and adults for the job market. Between 2010 and 2013, 312 job positions were offered in the following courses: Multipurpose installer and qualification in mining, motorcycle mechanic, car upholstery manufacturing, customer service techniques, finance administrative assistant and stock and supplies administrative assistant.

Other educational projects include internships offered at INB Caetité: each year, between 40 and 50 students attending the Technical Mining course at the CETEP (a Center for Technical Education) perform a 200-hour internship training program at the unit.

Supported by INB, the Espaço para a Cidadania (Space for Citizenship), a project developed by the Associação das Senhoras de Caridade de Caetité (Caetité Association of the Ladies of Charity), assists children from five months to six years of age in semi-boarding and boarding regime. In the day nursery maintained by the entity, children benefit from health care service, remedial classes and participate in extracurricular activities.

By means of agreements with the Anísio Teixeira Foundation, the company helped implement the Anísio Teixeira Cinema Theater, in addition to delivering free internet access to the Public Library and the Biblioteca Móvel (Mobile Library) project, which fosters reading habits and enables access of rural schools to educational materials and books.

In the health care sector, the following projects stand out: building and acquisition of equipment for the Family Health Care Clinic at Juazeiro; donation of equipment for the Academia Popular da Saúde (People's Health Academy) in the city of Lagoa Real; support of disease prevention campaigns; and the promotion of SESI’s Cozinha Brasil (healthy eating course) in Caetité and Lagoa Real.

As part of the income generation measures, the following activities have been carried out: restoration of buildings and machinery of the Cassava Flour Mills operated by the residents’ associations of Juazeiro and Maniaçú, as well as of the Sugar Cane Mill run by the Farmers’ Association of Juazeiro, and support for the actions developed by the Peasant Women’s Association of Serra Geral, among other actions.

In the field of culture and dissemination of knowledge, INB supports the holding of festivals and popular festivities and promotes arts and science exhibits at the INB Space, on an annual basis.


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