INB participates in cyber protection exercise

Between October 5 and 7, INB participated in the Exercise Guardião Cybernetico 3.0, in Brasília/DF, coordinated by the Federal Government's Cyber Defense Command (ComDCiber). The exercise simulated virtual threats to priority sectors for national security, such as water, energy, telecommunications, finance, transport and nuclear. For each one, different activities were proposed, related to their realities and particularities.

In the nuclear sector, were simulated cyber incidents that worsened over time. The situations required the participation of different sectors of a company. Therefore, this year, INB was represented by a multidisciplinary team, with members from the areas of information technology, social communication, legal and information security.

“During the event, we had the opportunity to learn more about the operation of a nuclear plant, as well as exchange experiences and knowledge with other bodies (Electronuclear, CTMSP, CNEN) in the nuclear sector. It was a unique experience that demonstrated INB is committed to developing cybersecurity and training its teams to respond to serious cyber incidents”, says Fernando Akira Mogami, from INB's Information Technology Management.

Importance of the exercise

According to the Ministry of Defense, this is the largest training for cyber protection in the southern hemisphere, and this third edition had 350 civil and military participants from 65 organizations. On Wednesday, the 6th, ministers Walter Braga Netto, from Defense, and Augusto Heleno, from the Institutional Security Office, attended the exercise. They were in the nuclear sector training room, where they could see up close how the simulation was carried out.

“The authorities have repeatedly stressed that the nation's concern in this matter is great and that we must be trained to respond,” says Mogami.

INB has participated in the event since its first edition, also working in the planning and execution of the exercise.