INB Resende

With a view to benefiting residents of the region where INB Resende is installed, the company carries out actions in several fields.

In the scope of education, INB promotes, in partnership with SENAI, the Saber Mais (Learn More) Project, offering professional training courses every year. The courses held between 2009 and 2013 include, without limitation: Mechanical Processes Operator, Industrial Maintenance Mechanic and Rigging Operator. The courses are offered according to the local needs identified for manpower training. In 2014, the company offered scholarships for the two-year Mechanical Technician Course.

Another important project supported by INB in the region is the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia Vai à Escola (Itatiaia National Park Goes to School), combining education and the environment. The project, which was established by the AEDB (Don Bosco Educational Association), aims to create conditions for the development of an interdisciplinary educational project that prioritizes environmental education as a cross-link for the establishment of social values, knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies. INB also supports the implementation of the Sala Verde Tymburibá (Tymburibá Green Room) initiative, a partnership between the Ministry of Environment and the AEDB. The space is intended for the development of educational activities focused on socio-environmental issues.

In 2011, INB sponsored the publication of the Guia de Plantas do Planalto do Itatiaia (Itatiaia Plateau Plants Guide), containing photos and information on 120 plant species that can be found in the Itatiaia National Park’s high fields and surrounding areas along the Plateau’s two main trails – the Agulhas Negras and Prateleiras.

The production of the Tourist Map of the city of Resende also received sponsorship from the INB. 5000 copies have been printed and distributed to teachers and students from the public education network, as well as to tourists, hotels and tourism-related companies and professionals.

INB’s agreements with local governments allow several improvements in the districts’ infrastructure. Works have already been carried out on kindergartens, squares and schools in places near the company’s facilities, which also supports health prevention and blood donation campaigns every year.

Projects, programs and events intended for preserving and promoting the local culture receive the company's support every year. Over the past two years, INB sponsored the technical study for the restoration of São Joaquim da Grama Church, a building listed by the INEPAC (State Cultural Heritage Institute) located in Rio de Janeiro's southern region.


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