New Executive Board of INB

Engineer Reinaldo Gonzaga is the new president of INB. Gonzaga joined the company through a competitive examination public tender in January 2000 and has held the positions of manager and coordinator of chemical processes in the production of uranium dioxide powder and pellets, as well as superintendent of Nuclear Fuel Engineering, a function that he exercised until he assumed assuming the presidency on October 11.

Two other employees of INB took office on the company's Executive Board: engineer Marcelo Xavier de Castro, who heads the Nuclear Fuel Production Directorate; and engineer Adauto Seixas, new Mineral Resources director.

The new director of Finance and Administration is Luiz Fernando Couto, who has held various positions in Furnas and has experience in management positions in other state offices.

Since May 2016, the Technical Directorate of Isotopic Enrichment has been led by Rear Admiral Álvaro Alves Pinto.