Ethics Committee

INB’s Ethics Committee was created in December, 2001, based on a decree of the President of the Republic, established in 1994. It is an autonomous body of a deliberative character, with the purpose to guide, advise, and work toward managing the professional ethics of managers, employees, and associates of INB. The committee is also to review any unethical behavior reported to them in accordance with INB’s Ethics Code INB created in January, 2007.

All actions developed by INB in the fields of Quality, Safety Culture, Environmental Conservation, Social Responsibility and Transparency in communications are guided by the Code of Ethics.

It is composed of three members and three alternates chosen from the company’s regular staff and designated by INB’s President, who appoints the chair of the Commitee from among its effective members. The Ethics Committee also has an Executive Secretary.

The INB’s Ethics Committee is part of the Ethics Forum for Government-Owned Companies, which aims to strengthen Government and Business Principles of Ethics Management, as well as to improve the relationship of government-owned companies with its several audiences and society at large.




Code of Ethics
Ethics Committee (internal regulations)
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Composition of the Ethics Committee (EC), Exec. Secretary (SE) and Local Representatives (RL)

Name Role Phone Number Email
1. Ethics Committee
José Antonio da Cunha Costa Full member – Chair (21) 3797.1879
Daniel Souza Porfírio Full member (24) 3321.8308
Patrícia Oliveira de Souza
Full member (24) 3321.8112
Joniel Guedes Ribeiro Alternate member (77) 3454.4936
Roberto Andrey Correia dos Santos
Alternate member (35) 2107.3118
Marlon Fagundes Pereira Alternate member (21) 3797.1870
2. Exec. Secretary
Rafael Moyses Barroso Exec. Secretary to EC (21) 3797.1850
3. Local Representatives
Luiz Oswaldo Cifuentes Gonçalves Representative, Buena (22) 2789.0101 R. 2215
José Flávio Silva Gomes Representative, Caetité (77) 3454.4837 R. 4837