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Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - S.A (INB), founded in 1988, absorbed subsidiary companies that composed former Nuclebrás, established in compliance with the Brazil - Germany Nuclear Agreement. With a view to concentrating all the nuclear fuel production cycle – from mining to the fabrication and delivery of the fuel assemblies – INB was designed to boost the production of nuclear energy in Brazil.

One of the Brazilian milestones in nuclear energy production was the development of the ultracentrifugation technology in the late 1970s. The project was carried out by the CTMSP (Brazilian Navy Technology Center in São Paulo) in partnership with the IPEN/CNEN (Brazilian Nuclear and Energy Research Institute). Since then, Brazil has become part of a select group of twelve countries that master such technology. The first uranium enrichment experience takes place in 1982, with ultracentrifuges built using technology developed in Brazil.  

The Caetité mine in the state of Bahia started operating in 1999. The fuel assemblies factory in Resende, opened in 1982, was expanded and then called Nuclear Fuel Factory (FCN), as from 1996. The nuclear fuel that feeds the Angra 1 and Angra 2 plants is manufactured in that facility. The UF6-UO2 conversion process and production lines for uranium powder and pellets started being implemented in the same year, but their operation began only in 1999 and 2000, respectively.

The first centrifuge cascade module for industrial-scale uranium enrichment started operating in Resende in 2006. The coming on stream of these facilities was another important milestone in nuclear energy production in Brazil. 

Only four countries hold uranium reserves and enrichment technology. They are: The United States, Russia, China and Brazil. 



1974 – setting up of Nuclebrás

1981 – start of construction of Angra 2 plant

1982 – implementation of the Fuel Assemblies Factory 

1982 – first uranium enrichment experience with ultracentrifuges built using technology developed in Brazil.  

1985 – start of construction of Angra 1 plant 

1988 – foundation of INB

1990 – INB delivers 2nd reload to Angra 1 plant

1992 – USAM and USIN close activities in São Paulo

1999 – start of pellet production line and modernization of the Fuel Assemblies Factory 

1999 – Caetité mine (state of Bahia) starts operations

2006 – inauguration of the 1st nuclear ultracentrifuge cascade

2015 –Uranium enriched by INB is used in the production of nuclear fuel for Angra 1 plant