Organizational Structure

Created in 1988, INB succeeded Nuclebrás and in 1994 became one single company when incorporated its controlled companies - Nuclebrás Enriquecimento Isotópico S.A. (Nuclei); Urânio do Brasil S.A. and Nuclemon Mínero-Química Ltda, absorbing their activities and competencies.

This institutional restructuring provided the company with an increased production and reduced operational costs, optimizing its administrative and industrial processes.

Board of Directors

Carlos Freire Moreira

Pedro Francisco Dias Calheiros Boite
Finance and Administrative Director

Marcio Adriano Coelho da Silva
Nuclear Fuel Production Director

Rogério Mendes Carvalho
Mineral Resources Director

Rogério Corrêa Borges
Isotope Enrichment Technical Director

Board of Administration


Ney Zanella dos Santos – Ministério de Minas e Energia

Workers’ Representative:
Antônio Carlos Brito Pereira


Audit Management Group

Thiago Cruz Faria

Fiscal Council

Effective Members:

Mathias Lenz Neto

Jefferson de Souza Oliveira

João Amorim Litaiff Júnior