The only uranium mine currently operating in Brazil is located in Caetité / Bahia, where there are estimated reserves of 99.1 thousand tons of ore. In this area have been identified over 38 anomalies (areas of high concentration of uranium), so it is called Uranic Province. The uranium concentrate Unit - INB Caetité is capable of producing about 400 tonnes / year.

To increase uranium production the INB formed in partnership with the Galvani Group, the Consortium Santa Quiteria to explore the field of Itatiaia, in the municipality of Santa Quitéria, Ceará, where the ore is associated with phosphate. There, reserves are estimated at 80,000 tonnes; When in operation, the mine will produce annually 1,600 tonnes of uranium concentrate.

The Brazilian production of uranium began in 1982 in the town of Caldas / Minas Gerais. The mine supplied for 13 years the nuclear power plant Angra 1 and in 1995 the facility closed its production.