After being dissolved and purified, the yellowcake is converted into uranium hexafluoride (UF6), a salt whose property turns into gaseous state at low temperatures. In the form of gas, the yellowcake goes to the enrichment step.

Currently, the conversion process takes place abroad. The implementation of FCN - Conversion, which will operate in the unity of INB in Resende, is in progress. INB is in preparation phase for a contract with Basic Project and to obtain site licenses with IBAMA and the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN).

With the expansion of uranium enrichment capacity FCN-Enrichment, the creation of Conversion Plant will generate great savings to the company and an expected increase of up to 230 direct jobs and at least 350 indirect jobs, when the plant is in full operation.

What is expected is that the increase in national reactors fleet and the consequent demand for enrichment services will result in lower operating costs of the new unit.