Environmental Education Programs

In order to promote environmental awareness in people living near its production facilities, attract the interest of the public to the adoption of good environmental practices, encourage the adoption of sustainable forms of production and coexistence with the environment, INB develops the environmental education program in the cities of Resende/RJ and Caetité/BA.

As part of the condition imposed by IBAMA for environmental licensing, the program also aims to clarify the population about issues involving the company's activities and address potential environmental impacts that these activities may cause.

Based on a participatory environmental diagnosis, INB identified major issues to be addressed. In both locations the residents are concerned with water resources - use and quality - and sustainability. Other topics have also been identified, such as health and the environment, the recovery of green areas, solid waste, radiation and forest burning.

The environmental awareness campaign addresses the issues highlighted in the environmental assessment which led to production of contents in various formats - radio and press releases, outdoor signs, web and blogs postings - to be published by INB and the local communication media: the Radioactivities Program and the printed newsletter Daqui Caetité.

Visits to company´s facilities, lectures, events and courses are some of the actions that aim to disseminate environmental education. INB also makes the distribution of seeds and seedlings of native species produced in the company's nursery, to loal governments, schools and non - governmental entities. An incentive for the creation of new green areas and afforestation of lands in the municipalities surrounding the company’s facilities.

The company also develops the Environmental Education Program for Workers covering all employees. Learn more.