Social Responsibility

INB’s Social Responsibility Program actions are planned and developed in accordance with the economic and social situation of the regions where its units are located, in order to contribute to the improvement of their populations’ living conditions.

By means of agreements, partnerships, direct contracts and sponsorships, the company carries out and encourages projects in the following fields: education, environment, culture, health, leisure, sports, infrastructure, income generation and dissemination of knowledge.

INB’s Social Responsibility Program aims at:

  • Contribute to the development of the region
  • Contributing to the improvement of the population’s quality of life
  • Appreciating the local culture
  • Supporting income generation initiatives
  • Promoting the social integration of the company with the region where it operates
  • Contributing toward the preservation of natural resources
  • Contributing toward the dissemination of knowledge

In 2015, a Local Participatory Socio-environmental Diagnosis (Diagnóstico Socioambiental Participativo Local) was carried out in the regions of Caetité (BA) and Resende (RJ), where the company’s major units are located. By enlisting the participation of the local population, the study allowed the identification of the main issues of each area. Based on such research, the Social Responsibility and Environmental Education programs have been realigned.

Check out projects of INB’s Social Responsibility Program in the regions of Caetité and Resende.