Brazilian Nuclear Program Protection System concludes emergency response exercise at INB Resende

The Nuclear Fuel Factory (FCN) of the Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil finished on Thursday (19/11) in Resende/RJ, the partial exercise of emergency response and nuclear security supervised by the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI/PR), Central Body of the Brazilian Nuclear Program Protection System (Sipron).

The activity started on Tuesday, the 17th, at the Military Academy of Agulhas Negras (Aman) and had the participation of INB president, Carlos Freire Moreira; the Secretary for Systems Coordination at GSI, Rear Admiral Carlos André Coronha Macedo and the Director of the Sipron Coordination Department, Captain of Mar and Guerra Márcio Gonçalves Taveira.

On Wednesday, the 18th, a simulation was carried out between the various bodies participating in the Planning Committee for Response to Nuclear Emergency Situations in the municipality of Resende (Copren / RES). In this issue, the exercise also included the participation of various public security institutions.

The training is held annually and in 2020 it had some peculiarities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The activity was carried out in person and remotely, through videoconference. Part of the representatives of the institutions met at Aman interacting with the INB team. This year's scenario simulated fire, cyber attack, and drone overflights and crashes at and around the factory.

The director of the Sipron Coordination Department stressed the need to address the weaknesses identified in this one-year interval until the next event. Taveira also highlighted the importance of communication between the agency and INB to remain active even after the exercise. “If at any time there is a need for external support, Sipron must be activated preventively. In every event that FCN faces, Sipron needs to be communicated ”, he said.

The Superintendent of Fuel Production (SUPRO.N), Marcelo Sobral, who served as INB's General Emergency Coordinator (CGE) during the event, highlighted the success of the activity with the participation of the institutions. "In an exercise of this size, we can see how external bodies are fundamental for us to fulfill our mission and reach our goal, which is to try to improve our actions to guarantee safety," he said.

The president of INB stated that exercises like these demonstrate the responsiveness of the group involved and offer INB peace of mind to carry out the work. “This demonstrates to the community that INB is doing its job correctly, perfectly monitored by a Nuclear Program Protection System. And it shows the country clearly that, we make peaceful and careful use of nuclear energy ”, explained Freire.

About 50 national, state and local institutions participated in the event, including the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Resources (Ibama), the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), the Ministry of Defense, the Navy of the Brazil, the Brazilian Army, the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the Municipal Civil Defense of Resende and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).