INB Caetité wins the Laboratory of Excellence certificate for the third time

The Environmental Control Laboratory of the Uranium Concentration Unit (URA) of Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - INB, in Caetité / BA, received the “Laboratory of Excellence” certificate for the third consecutive year and won, for the fourth consecutive time, the classification "satisfactory" in the inter-laboratory proficiency program called ERA, developed by the American company of the same name. The program evaluates the performance of the analysis in relation to other participants worldwide with the same set of environmental parameters.

The chemist Joel Augusto Moura Porto, responsible for the certified area at INB, highlights the importance of these programs. "They serve as quality control of the methodology that is used in various activities of a laboratory," says he. “In addition, it is the path to the accreditation of the laboratory, which, in the search for the ISO 17025 seal, must maintain the high degree of reliability in its analysis, placing it at a very high level, say worldwide, in the excellence of analysis for determining uranium , physical-chemical parameters, anions, trace metals and other chemicals ”, adds Porto.

The evaluation methodology adopted by ERA consists of sending samples that must be analyzed within a specified period. It is the precision and accuracy of the results obtained that attests that the laboratory has the technical capacity to analyze the concentration of uranium in different types of samples. Performance is defined as satisfactory, worrying or unsatisfactory and when a laboratory achieves satisfactory status for all analysis that it has predisposed to carry out, the “Laboratory of Excellence” certificate is issued.

Since 2017, the Environmental Control Laboratory of INB participates in this interlaboratory program in the round of uranium concentration in soil and water, as well as other inorganic parameters, always confirming the results in their analysis.

The manager of Safety, Radioprotection and Environment of the unit in Caetité, Hector Hugo Medrado, adds that, in demonstrating the analytical reliability of the INB / URA Environmental Control Laboratory, these certificates give greater support to the critical evaluations present in the reports of the Programs of Environmental Monitoring sent to the licensing agencies (National Nuclear Energy Commission - CNEN and Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - Ibama) and to interested parties.