INB finishes delivery of 26th Reload of Angra 1

Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil - INB finalized on Friday (12/03) the delivery of the 26th Reload of Angra 1 to Eletronuclear. Following several covid-19 control and prevention protocols to continue activities, production was completed in December 2020.

The first, of the six transports carried out to deliver 44 fuel elements, took place on 23/02. The caravans left the Nuclear Fuel Factory - FCN, in Resende/RJ, bound for Central Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto, in Angra dos Reis/RJ, and were accompanied by several institutions at the federal, state and municipal levels. INB is responsible for packaging the material and Eletronuclear is responsible for planning and coordinating transportation.

Reloading is the process of refueling a nuclear plant through the replacement of fuel elements already used by new ones, which stay on average in the reactor for 3 years. These elements are metallic structures, up to 5 meters high, formed by a set of tubes, called rods, that receive the enriched uranium pellets. The stage after production is transport to the plants.

Next Reloads
In January, INB started the production of 44 fuel elements for the 17th Reload of Angra 2. It is expected that the manufacturing will be completed by the end of May and the transport will be carried out between May and June.