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Bringing information to everyone. This is the main objective of (INB) Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil’s new internet portal. Dynamic and easy to navigate, now the INB’s new homepage provides more features to facilitate our communication with society. Here you can access information about the activities developed by INB, ask questions, do research, watch photos and videos and be informed about the news related to the Company.

Social Responsibility

INB’s Social Responsibility Program actions are planned and developed in accordance with the economic and social situation of the regions where its units are located, in order to contribute to the improvement of their populations’ living conditions.


The uranium mining in Brazil is made in the city of Caetité, located in Bahia. Currently, this is the only mine in operation in the country. The unit is located in Província Uranífera de Lagoa Real, which has a reserve of 110,000 tonnes distributed in 38 uranium deposits with a high degree of purity.


Ciclo do urânio - INB

Projeto Santa Quitéria - urânio e fosfato

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